Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tea and Health

The relationship between tea and health goes back into centuries. Scientists throughout the ages have commented on the beneficial effects of ‘tea’ on human health. The secret of healthy and long lives of the Chinese can be linked to green tea. Recent studies have claimed that green tea plays an important role in averting many types of cancer. The green tea comprises of polyphenol content which is an anti-oxidant. It relieves the body of many unhealthy toxins which can harm the human body. It amplifies the stamina of the body and reduces the armful fats. The doctor`s consultation should be taken before utilizing high intake of tea for disease prevention as excessive intake of tea can result into nutritional and other miscellaneous issues because of the strong binding activities of caffeine and polyphenols.

On the other hand, tea contains Oxalate. If it is consumed in high percentage, it increases the chances of kidney stone formation. A study of the year 2012 proposed that men who have more than seven cups of black tea have more chances of getting prostate cancer. The research was carried out on 6,016 men. Three hundred and eighteen people were diagnosed with cancer in the follow-up of the study. the 50% increased relative risk was based on the observation that 6.4% of those in the highest tea consumption group developed prostate cancer during the study period compared with 4.6% in the lowest consumption group (0-3 cups a day).

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Bentham eBooks: Clinical Cancer Drugs:

Bentham Science Publishers is proud to announce its new journal, Clinical Cancer Drugs. It publishes original research and (as well as) expert reviews, and thematic issues in all core areas of translational and clinical cancer drug research

The journal publishes pre-clinical and clinical studies on the development of new anti-cancer agents. Clinical studies of new reported anti-cancer drugs include Phase 1–IV clinical trial studies, their designs, research methodologies, and analyses. The journal is essential reading to clinical oncologists, toxicologists, medicinal chemists, and to pharmacologists.
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Saturday, 11 January 2014


Headache is considered to be one of the most common conditions of pain in the head. The major symptoms of headache are eye-strain, dehydration, migraine, sinusitis and low blood sugar.
Headaches can also be a cause of many life threatening diseases like brain tumors, meningitis, encephalitis, acute blood pressure and cerebral aneurysms.
Uncomplicated headache can be treated with the help of painkillers like aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen or more suitable treatment. In serious cases of headaches, doctors recommend Computed Tomography (CT/CAT), scanning of the brain and MRI in some cases. Blood tests also play a vital role in the diagnosis of different types of headaches.

Bentham Science Publishers is a remarkable name in the publishing industry. It comprises of more than 100 subscription-based journals and eBooks including topics on drug discovery science, medicine and technology amongst others. CNS & Neurological Disorders - Drug Target which has an article named “Central Sensitisation Phenomena in Primary Headaches: Overview of a Preventive Therapeutic Approach”  by M. Ranieri. The article aims to review the factors concurrent with an increase in central sensitization, in view of the choice of preventive agents for primary headaches.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Bentham EBook Review: Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-Being and Social Change: Lessons from Country Australia for Global Citizens

Bentham Science Publisher has a huge collection of e-books; covering all the major areas of science, medical, humanities, natural science, and information technology. Prompt solutions regarding publications are provided to the authors by Bentham Science. These eBooks are easily uploaded with the help of incredible internet facility.

This edited e-book is a collection of articles that explores ‘rural realities’ of country life in Australia for global audiences interested in rurality, health and well-being. By transcending disciplinary-specific boundaries, this multi-disciplinary book not only presents contemporary challenges, but also equips readers with evidence-based knowledge to improve resilience in communities and individuals facing key issues such as aging, depression, disability, environmental degradation, limited service delivery and social isolation. Utilizing a variety of social science research methods, each chapter will enhance readers’ insights about rural amenities, geography, identity, culture, health and governance which impact wellbeing and lifestyle satisfaction. Collectively, this book exposes readers to ideas from a dynamic range of experts in the humanities, social and natural sciences to encourage a holistic approach to developing solutions for a complex social world.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Depression; Its Symptoms and Causes

The mind works in mysterious ways. Many must have heard it but a few understand it completely. Depression is one of the medical illnesses which involve the brain. Depression is not only the feeling of ‘blue’, it is a constant feeling of sadness and a lack of interest in everyday life.
Depression can lead to emotional and physical issues. The symptoms of depression vary from person to person. Most common symptoms are
·         A constant feeling of sadness, anxiety and emptiness.
·         Individuals feel restless and hopeless.
·         Fatigue sets in and the energy level decreases gradually.
·         Insomnia.
·         And many more.
Depression can be triggered by genetic, environmental, biochemical or psychological factors. Most specialists say that depression cannot be cured, or the patients’ condition cannot improve. But the patients of depression can be made better by ‘talk therapy’ and ‘antidepressants’. According to the National Institutes of Health, a significant percentage of people with depressive illness never seek medical help. This is unfortunate, because the vast majority, even those with very severe symptoms, can improve with treatment.

Bentham Science Publishers is one of the leading journals in the STM industry. It has journals and eBooks pertaining to topics from science, medicine, technology and the like. Neurobiology of Mood Disorders is a monograph is a collection of selected articles on the subject of mood disorders such as depression and schizophrenia. It is divided into 3 sections: 1) Research methods in psychopharmacology - which highlights some established experimental techniques to study mood disorders in human and relevant animal models, 2) Pathophysiology of mood disorders – which explains the physiological and pharmacological mechanisms responsible for mood disorders and 3) New strategies for the treatment of mood disorders – a concluding section that provides recent examples on the beneficial effects of pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in the relief of mood disorders. 

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Asthma A Chronic Lung Disease:

Asthma is a long lasting disease of lungs affecting millions of people around the globe. According to the National Heart, Lungs and Blood Institute, in United States alone, asthma afflicts more than 25 million people.
An asthma patient frequently suffers from coughing, chest congestion and difficulty in breathing. Asthma, though it affects people of different ages, though it has its roots in childhood. It stresses the airways, compressing the muscles around that area. The swollen and constricted airways thus make inhaling substances difficult as they permit less oxygen into the lungs. Moreover, cells producing mucus in those tightened tubes will worsen the situation even further.
Smoke, pollen and dust are elements that trigger asthma. There are various medications available for treating asthma, but no medicine can completely wipe out the disease. In other words, asthma has no cure.
On a more positive note, most asthma patients today are able to control the disease and lead normal and productive lives by managing it on a daily basis. In cold weather especially2, a patient needs to take regular preventive medication as prescribed by their health care provider. It is also important to keep your reliever inhaler on you all the time, and take a puff or two of it before stepping out in the cold. It is essential to cover the mouth and nose areas with a clean, fresh scarf which will help to warm up the air before you inhale it. If you also intend to exercise, it is advisable you warm up for 10-15 minutes first and use the inhaler before starting.
Asthma is a chronic ailment affecting a person throughout his or her life, but it should in no way keep you from leading an active and happy life.

You can also refer to Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews and Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents in Medicinal Chemistry for further information on respiratory diseases, allergies and relevant developments in their cure

Saturday, 21 December 2013

New Journals by Bentham Science Journals

Bentham Science Publishers publish research articles and reviews in all major fields of science, technology, medicine and business studies.
Bentham Science has 31 high impact factor journals to their credit, which are indexed by outstanding abstracting agencies like Scopus, Medline, PubsHub, Journal Citation Reports and EMBASE etc. Out of the 300 Bentham eBooks published to date, 260 are indexed by Scopus.
With new fields always appearing, Bentham Science frequently introduces new journals in order to serve the interests in emerging academic themes. The upcoming new titles from BSP in 2014 range from novel topics such as green chemistry and microwave chemistry to biochemical engineering and technology transfer and entrepreneurship. For a full list of BSP 2014 titles, please log on tohttp://benthamscience.com/Newtitles.htm, where you can access each journal’s aims and scope, its editorial board, instructions for manuscript submission and other important information.

Bentham Science is a professional publisher of scientific research literature since 25 years. They follow extensive peer review in order to maintain the quality standards of around 20,000 articles they publish in a year. BSP is committed to innovative solutions to cater to the publishing needs of scientists, researchers, librarians and academic and professional institutions. For more information, please visit their websitehttp://benthamscience.com.