Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bentham eBook: Advances in Alzheimer Research (Volume # 1)

Bentham features an extensive library of eBooks in all major disciplines of science, medicine, technology, humanities and social sciences. Electronic publishing has made reading more convenient for readers, who now have a much wider choice of selections and the relaxation of sitting at home and downloading eBooks instantly. A variety of eBooks are available on Bentham’s website.

Here is a short review of one of the latest eBooks of Bentham, “Advances in Alzheimer Research”. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is currently recognized as an untreatable, progressive, degenerative and terminal disease that is globally afflicting an estimated 36 million people and this number is growing in an unabated and frightening manner. Advances in Alzheimer Research, provides researchers with an integrated approach to AD academic literature ranging from basic to advanced clinical research. The series highlights the latest information in order to unravel the origin, pathogenesis and prevention of AD. The purpose of this book series is, therefore, to capture and discuss both, improvements towards the diagnosis and potential treatment of AD by established and novel strategies.

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