Friday, 29 November 2013

Medicinal Chemistry: A Rapidly Growing Discipline

Medicinal Chemistry explains the relation of structure and functions of the molecules, which consist of the basis of life. The fusion of pharmaceuticals and the application of chemical research techniques encompass the field of Medicinal Chemistry.
In the early stage of this field, the scientists focused on isolating the medicinal agents found in plants. In the modern era, Medicinal Chemistry scientists are creating new synthetic drug compounds. The field evolves continuously and is stepping forward, every day, regarding drug discovery and its development.
Drug discovery and development is a long procedure, which involves physical, mental efforts and financial assets. The cost of this intricate process has reached $800 million, for transfiguring a new promising compound into a drug, and launching it in the market. The estimated time consumption of this discovery and launching, takes up to 15 years. The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies should consider reducing the cost and drug development period. This will help the humanity in numerous ways because when the drug development takes less time and cost less, the persistent problems of the world will be easy to solve.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Current HIV Research

HIV AIDS is a chronic ailment in which the human immune system is attacked by the HIV virus which completely destroys the healthy white blood cells (CD4+) T cells in the body. These cells are crucial for fighting off infections. When the virus attacks and razes these healthy cells, the result is that the patient becomes vulnerable to serious diseases and infections.
Antiretroviral therapy, or more commonly known as ART, is a common treatment for HIV. It is a combination of HIV medicines regimen. Although ART cannot really cure or uproot the disease completely, it is still used as an accepted treatment to prolong the patient’s life and improve his health.
Over the past several years, researchers have extensively studied AIDS and their findings published in numerous medical and scientific literatures.  ‘Current HIV Research’ is a popular publication journal covering the latest developments in the basic and clinical fields in HIV research. They include viral pathogenesis, virus replication, virus-cell interaction, HIV assembly, anti-retroviral therapy and drug discovery etc. The journal publishes review and research articles on the current understanding of the virus and its complex interaction with the host, social and public health issues related to HIV disease, and the prevention of HIV viral infection. To learn more, please log on to .

HIV AIDS afflicts millions across the globe and even more are in danger of exposure to the virus. World AIDS’ day is celebrated on the 1st of December every year for educating the public on HIV AIDS to help prevent the disease  and save lives. 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Bentham Science e-Books: Recent Developments in Manufacturing Robotic Systems and Automation:

Here is the review of one of the recent e-books of Bentham; “Recent Developments in manufacturing Robotic Systems and Automation”. This book is an updated reference of research activities that bring together various theories, methods, and technologies of robotic systems and automation for manufacturing and related fields.
 The book includes articles on state-of-the-art robotic systems and automation for diverse avenues in automation such as advanced manufacturing, developments in design methodology, kinematics and dynamics analysis, performance analysis and evaluation, intelligent manufacturing, assembly, sensors, control theory and practice, human-machine interface, and so on.
This book is an excellent research reference for engineers, researchers, and students that range from senior undergraduates to advanced doctoral students and professionals who are interested in robotics and automation.
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Monday, 4 November 2013

Suicide: A Global Perspective- Bentham Science eBook

Here is the review of the latest eBooks of Bentham Science Publishers- “Suicide: A Global Perspective”. This eBook review features the latest research and studies on Global Perspective of suicide: In the year 2000, approximately one million people died from suicide: a "global" mortality rate of 16 per 100,000, or one death every 40 seconds. 

In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. Suicide is now among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44 years (both sexes); these figures do not include suicide attempts up to 20 times more frequent than completed suicide. Suicide worldwide is estimated to represent 1.8% of the total global burden of disease in1998, and 2.4% in countries with market and former socialist economies in 2020. Although traditionally suicide rates have been highest among the male elderly, rates among young people have been increasing to such an extent that they are now the group at highest risk of a third of countries, in both developed and developing countries. Mental disorders (particularly depression and substance abuse) are associated with more than 90% of all cases of suicide; however, suicide results from many complex sociocultural factors and is more likely to occur particularly during periods of socioeconomic, family and individual crisis situations (e.g., loss of a loved one, employment, honour). 
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Friday, 1 November 2013

Bentham Science eBooks: Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activities:

Here is the review of one of the recent e-books of Bentham;Methods to Determine Enzymatic Activities”. This eBook book features definitions, classifications and applications of selected enzymes important in industry and in biotechnological processes. Analytical methods for these enzymes are also included in the text.
The main objective of this textbook is to provide readers information focused on the current analysis methods of enzymatic activity at qualitative and quantitative levels. Each chapter is about one specific enzyme and contains information about its substrate and some biochemical properties. The methodologies are presented as an experimental protocol allowing interested readers to reproduce the experimental methods detailed within the textbook. These protocols contain the principle of the technique, materials, methods, and all steps necessary for the determination of enzyme activity and interpretation of results. Each methodology is illustrated with photos and schemes for a better and clear understanding.
This book, therefore, uniquely brings modern analysis techniques of industrial enzymes in a single easy to understand volume. This textbook is suitable for undergraduate enzymology courses and advanced industrial biotechnology and microbiology courses.
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