Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Asthma A Chronic Lung Disease:

Asthma is a long lasting disease of lungs affecting millions of people around the globe. According to the National Heart, Lungs and Blood Institute, in United States alone, asthma afflicts more than 25 million people.
An asthma patient frequently suffers from coughing, chest congestion and difficulty in breathing. Asthma, though it affects people of different ages, though it has its roots in childhood. It stresses the airways, compressing the muscles around that area. The swollen and constricted airways thus make inhaling substances difficult as they permit less oxygen into the lungs. Moreover, cells producing mucus in those tightened tubes will worsen the situation even further.
Smoke, pollen and dust are elements that trigger asthma. There are various medications available for treating asthma, but no medicine can completely wipe out the disease. In other words, asthma has no cure.
On a more positive note, most asthma patients today are able to control the disease and lead normal and productive lives by managing it on a daily basis. In cold weather especially2, a patient needs to take regular preventive medication as prescribed by their health care provider. It is also important to keep your reliever inhaler on you all the time, and take a puff or two of it before stepping out in the cold. It is essential to cover the mouth and nose areas with a clean, fresh scarf which will help to warm up the air before you inhale it. If you also intend to exercise, it is advisable you warm up for 10-15 minutes first and use the inhaler before starting.
Asthma is a chronic ailment affecting a person throughout his or her life, but it should in no way keep you from leading an active and happy life.

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