Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tea and Health

The relationship between tea and health goes back into centuries. Scientists throughout the ages have commented on the beneficial effects of ‘tea’ on human health. The secret of healthy and long lives of the Chinese can be linked to green tea. Recent studies have claimed that green tea plays an important role in averting many types of cancer. The green tea comprises of polyphenol content which is an anti-oxidant. It relieves the body of many unhealthy toxins which can harm the human body. It amplifies the stamina of the body and reduces the armful fats. The doctor`s consultation should be taken before utilizing high intake of tea for disease prevention as excessive intake of tea can result into nutritional and other miscellaneous issues because of the strong binding activities of caffeine and polyphenols.

On the other hand, tea contains Oxalate. If it is consumed in high percentage, it increases the chances of kidney stone formation. A study of the year 2012 proposed that men who have more than seven cups of black tea have more chances of getting prostate cancer. The research was carried out on 6,016 men. Three hundred and eighteen people were diagnosed with cancer in the follow-up of the study. the 50% increased relative risk was based on the observation that 6.4% of those in the highest tea consumption group developed prostate cancer during the study period compared with 4.6% in the lowest consumption group (0-3 cups a day).

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